Hello. Come in. Pull up a chair. Take off your shoes. There’s tea in the pot.

I’m Hayley, a UK-based ghost writer, celebrating and exploring the extraordinary lives and truths of men and women from all walks of life: their achievements, adventures and misdemeanours; talents, skills and enterprises; strength, courage and survival; stories from the home and around the world; of adversity and personal triumph; tales big and small; the tragic and the joyous; the heart breaking and the inspirational.

My journey into ghost writing has been an organic progression, following more than a decade of working with hundreds of authors as an editor and mentor. It is a passion that has grown from my love of the craft of writing, my fascination with stories and the many ways they can be told, and my desire to be of service; whether this is giving voice to the silenced and tackling impossible subjects, shaping a memoir, creating a family history narrative, bringing fiction to life, or even working on a companion volume for a professional or performer.

I love my work and the privileged access it gives me to the lives and minds of incredible people (especially those who don’t realise just how incredible they are). With each project, I have grown more sensitive to the unique requirements of a story – and its storyteller – and how I can make the process as enjoyable, easy, even therapeutic, as possible.

If you have a story that you would like to discuss, feel free to email me hayleysherman.editor@gmail.com.  

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